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Property sales transaction Golf Yaounde 2014

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A modern Duplex of 6rooms newly constructed  at Golf was one of our successful transaction sold for a cost of 900 000 000f.

Assisted by a qualified and very efficient  notary in Yaounde.

PROMOTE 2014 Yaounde

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The 2014 international trade exhibition was a grand success in yaounde with the participation of over 5000 national and international companies.

Featuring in this exhibition were exposition of new products and services as well as  technologies . B2B exchanges and partnerships were the order of the day.

A better appraisal is in the following images.

Solar Energy Products and Installations

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Sale of solar energy products and installation of solar power systems. Maintenance and engineering.


=solar panels 50wc,100wc, 110wc, 175wc, 195wc, 250wc. mono  and polycrystaline

=solar batteries all categories and wattage.

=solar inverters and charge controllers all categories.

=solar mini generators .

=solar portable lamps and chargers

= solar  Refrigerators , fans and pumps.

=solar torche lights etc

Repma; Cameroon

Appartment and House Rentals / Sales Yaounde-Cameroon

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Bankolo –maison 3chambres sur 400m2 -=12 million.

Ngousou : villa 3rooms = 10millionfcfa

Ngousou=Villa 3rooms for 85million

Nkolbison= villa ,5rooms 100m from main road for 115million villa: 5rooms =50million

Bastos= villa , 4rooms for 350million.

Maison Blanche= villa 5rooms for 100million


contact +237 674731728

Land with certificate for sale in the following locations in yaounde;

BASTOS=1450m2 at 150000fcfa /m2

DRAGAGE= 1500m2 at 150000fcfa / m2

GOLF= 650m2 at 250000fcfa/m2

Ngousou = 1000m2 at 20000fcfa/m2



Modern Houses and Appartments for RENT ;

BASTOS / GOLF= Apart 2 & 3 Rooms 30000 to 75000frs/day for Equiped and 250000frs to 500 000frs/month


OMNISPORT/ ELIG SONO Appart 2 & 3rooms 25000frs to 50 000frs /day for Equiped and between 150000frs to 350000frs /month for un equiped.

Villa and Duplex Available between 600 000frs t0 2.5 million frs /month


contact ; +237 674731728