//= presidencial Duplex -Bastos 3.8 billionsfcfa

//= High quality Duplex-Golf= 1billionfcfa

//=NKOLBISONG(duplex 8rooms, 3parlours, 6toilets,fenced etc ) price=110 million

// =ESSOS (Duplex 7 chambres, )  price ; 70 million fcfa

// =NGOUSOU(Villa 02 rooms, 01 parlour , etc) price = 15 million fcfa

//= BIYEMASSI(duplex, 4 rooms, parlour, 3toilets, etc)price= 50 million fcfa

//= Juvence(villa , 3 rooms )price : 40 million fcfa

//= Maison blanche ; (villa 5 rooms) ; price= 100 million fcfa

 Lands For SALE;

 Emana: 300m2 price , 25,000m2

** BASTOS , 1000m2 price 250 000fr /m2

 ** GOLF, 1500m2

** NGOUSOU,800m2

 ** MBANKOLO, 1 hectare

** MBANKOMO(6km from y'dé): 1000m2; 7hectares

SOA= 10 Hectares

Duplex 05rooms bastos for rent

Duplex 06rooms bastos for rent

2&3 rooms Appartments Golf (equipped)

villa with swiming pool for sale bastos
villla on 1000m2 Bamenda Ntarinkon on sale 45million
storey building for rents 06 appart
Villa for Sale Messasi 55million

______________________PROPERTY MANAGEMENT____________________

Dealing with multiple tenants can be time consuming, so let us do the work for you. Among our full property management services, we handle rent collection, repairs, and communication with tenants. Available 7 days a week, we deal with all issues promptly and efficiently. Take the hassle out of your  property management and contact us today! With a dedicated staff working for you, your investment will be secure and profitable.


Duplex for rent BASTOS & DRAGAGE, 2living rooms, 4 bedrooms, 4 toilets, garden , parking ,etc
price 800 000fcfa/month.

super Quality Duplex for sale Bastos

VILLA & Duplex For Sale and for Rent  BAstos Yaounde.

Furnished appartments
BASTOS/ GOLF, Elig-sono.
  PRICE;40 000FCFA - 65000FCFA/day

Appartments unfurnished

**03 rooms 02 toilets , kitchen,balcony,parking & security at Bastos  

price=   450 000FCFA   /month

02rooms furnished apartments Bastos & Golf 50 000fr/jour


100metres from CARREFOUR ETOUDI.

Tarred road right to the building.

02 Rooms Appartments (Newly constructed building)SNH / Koleton

350 000FCFA/month

Our legal team during one of our transactions sale of a modern Duplex at Golf.

BASTOS, HYPODROME; omnisport; Essos & ETOUDI.Tsinga; Golf , central Town,etc.

Equipped apartments 1 & 2 rooms Bastos

Storey Building of  7appartments for office or commercial purpose
Quality Duplex for sale Bastos 700 million

Duplex for sale Mendong & Juvence

05rooms    Price: 150 million frs

Duplex Dragage 6 rooms for rent  1 500 000frs